About Our Business

After more than 40 years of serving New York City with our Florida-grown plants and flowers, we finally have a website for all our fans and newcomers! Here, at The Plant House INC., we specialize in renting plants to parties, weddings, and we rent plants to NBC® every week.
Rent our plants for up to a week for your special event or make your space pop with our rental plants and flowers that are designed to impress your guests. We have plants (flowering or not) for the inside or outside of your home or office. While we mostly carry tropical plants, since New York City is not known to be tropical, we also carry plants that thrive year-round.


To make people happy with plants. Stunning beautiful plants are the first thing visitors see on arriving at your home, office or event and they can play a significant part in projecting your image. Interiorscape service is an important and effective part of the modern efficient environment and is proven to increase work morale and productivity. Our interior plantscaping programs feature the use of tropical plants, flowers, trees and containers. Developing and enhancing this bond, between people and our oxygen-producing friends, is at the heart of our mission. In the pursuit of our mission, we have developed service and delivery programs for plants of all sizes, types, and adaptations.

A Little More About Us

We established the business in 1979. Our goal was always to try and tell people how important plants are to have in one’s home or office. Plants provide oxygen for us to live on this earth, without plants WE would never be here today. NASA says that you should have 1 plant for every 100 sq ft in a home to maximize the amount of oxygen in a living space.

We started selling retail at first, one day a man came up to us asking if he could rent the plants. Of course we said yes and from then on we allow anyone to come rent plants from us to use for as long as needed. Since then, we have rented to NBC, Showtime network, HBO networks, Gotham, Orange is the New Black, Boardwalk Empire, event services, wedding designers, pop-up shops